Creating a blue ocean which leads the 4th industrial revolution S/W field

Based on the 3D game technology which accumulated over 20 years.
Securing source technology in image processing, artificial intelligence, and 3D related fields
Leading the 4th industrial revolution S/W field through convergence complex of technology

Image Processing
  • Development of Video Processing technology which created through a digital optical system that acts like a human eye
  • Through the technology of Machine Vision field, develops technologies of video pre/post processing, video analysis, and pattern recognition
  • Development of technology for integrated analysis of 2D images and 3D CAD data
  • Through the multiple routes, it’s a Cloud-based big data processing technology to process lots of produced data
Artificial Intelligence
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence technology that can recognize, analyze, and infer Real World space and objects
  • CNN(Convolution Neural Network) based 2D video processing artificial intelligence technology
  • Development of 3D object segmentation, extraction, and recognition technology
  • Apply artificial intelligence technology which is linked with big data processing technology to the application of 3D automatic design/ analysis and autonomous driving, etc.
3D Engine
  • Scale up of 3D engine with accumulated technology for many years
  • Continuous development of engines that can accommodate BIM international standards
  • Development of technology that can accommodate and process various data
  • Development of capable engine of automatic analysis/design/inference rather than simple data import and viewer